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Easy recipes for busy families, and many “tricks” to save time.

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Practical approach

Family and parents need modern, workable and flexible approach. We look at this challenge. Our goal is to offer solutions to ever-busy parents , and provide understanding and practical wisdom, coupled with a flexible and easy to implement approach. Lunchbox is the solution to bringing the right habits and food culture as part of a hectic modern lifestyle.

We hope this site will become your favorite place where you will feel well and get what you need on the path of the healthy lifestyle you have chosen.

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With Lunchbox:

  • Know what you you eat and also what your child eats at school, too
  • You control control portion sizes and food quality.
  • You don’t measure and weigh food but still you are in harmony with the needs of the body
  • You educate your eating habits for life.
  • You care and protect the environment
Lunchbox team

Sturdy and safe

No Phtalates, BPA, lead, PVC, 2 years garantee

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5 inner containers

Convenience, According to needs

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Unique lids

Pack any food - both liquid and dry

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Portion control

Each food group has a container

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