Gravlax less salty

Not too salty salmon gravlax

The biggest problem we all have with store-bought gravlax is the over salted salmon. If you’ve bought a piece of salmon, it’s almost criminal if it’s so salty that you can’t even taste the salmon itself. The formula is so simple: salt + sugar 50% of the weight of salmon, cure for 24 hours for pretty lightly cured, 36 hours for medium and 48 hours for firm.

Gravlax less salty

Gravlax 48 hours

Making your own Salmon Gravlax costs a fraction of store bought. But regardless of the savings, the thing with store bought  is that it just doesn’t have the same fresh dill flavor and it’s usually too salty, presumably to increase shelf life.

Homemade is always best. And in this case, store bought is truly incomparable.


Gravlax less salty

Gravlax less salty

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